Extend opportunities for ongoing professional development in early science and mathematics to foster creativity

The importance of on-going opportunities for and entitlement to teacher professional development was emphasised in Creative Little Scientists and is now realised in Creativity in Early Years Science Education (CEYS). At present access to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is very varied across Europe. Further recognition is needed of the value and importance of continued training and qualifications.

The project identified key priorities for teacher education to support inquiry and creativity in early science and mathematics. The importance of space and time for teachers to practice inquiry approaches, to explore opportunities for creativity in learning and teaching in early science and mathematics and to gain confidence were emphasised. Reports highlighted the need for knowledge and understanding of child development and early learning in science and mathematics to be included in teacher education programmes to support teachers in recognizing and building on children’s interests, ideas and explorations. Finally the need for further training for teachers was identified in the use of the environment to support learning and teaching in science and mathematics, both the school environment indoors and out and the wider environment and community beyond the school.

Fani Stylianidou

Ellinogermaniki Agogi, Greece

Creative Little Scientists, www.creative-little-scientists.eu

Creativity in Early Years Science Education (CEYS), http://www.ceys-project.eu