Event programme

09:30-10:00  Arrivals – welcome – introduction

‘Elevator pitches’ and reflection are structured in 5+2 parts:

10:00-10:20  ‘Elevator pitches’ I: C2Learn in a nutshell: who, what, why

Co-creativity I: Creative emotional reasoning

Co-creativity II: Wise humanising creativity

Gameful learning design for co-creativity

AI for co-creativity I: Knowledge acquisition and representation

AI for co-creativity II: Mixed-initiative procedural content generation

Games and play for co-creativity

Five minutes for questions and answers

10:20-10:45  ‘Elevator pitches’ II: C2Play: let’s get creative! Short demonstrations

C2Space: Your space for co-creativity!

4Scribes: Tell a story together!

Creative Stories: Write creatively!

Iconoscope: Draw and guess the concept!

Guess What: Draw and guess the concept – again!

House of Emotions: Show and guess emotions!

Explore and Expand: Explore related concepts!

Five minutes for questions and answers

10:45-11:00  ‘Elevator pitches’ III: C2Learn for everyone

C2Challenges: Let’s dare!

C2Practices: Let’s teach and learn!

C2Academy: Let’s develop!

Five minutes for questions and answers

11:00-11:15  Break

11:15-11:45  Discussion I: First reflections on C2Learn

Thirty minutes for reflection and debate

11:45-12:45  ‘Elevator pitches’ IV: C2Learn in its ecosystem

‘Elevator pitches’ by participants: ‘What’s in C2Learn for us? What’s in our work for C2Learn? What are next steps to take?’

Fifteen minutes for questions and answers

12:45-13:45  Lunch

13:45-14:30  ‘Elevator pitches’ V: Creativity, games, learning: The wider picture

‘Elevator pitches’ by participants: ‘Creativity, games, learning: visions, challenges, opportunities – messages for Europe’

14:30-15:00  Discussion II: Final reflections on the crossroads of creativity, games, learning

Thirty minutes for reflection, debate and conclusions