A message from SIREN

Digital games in classroom environments offer a fantastic opportunity to motivate and involve children and assist conventional teaching methods, both when it comes to the usual curriculum, as well as social and soft skills.

Besides motivation and involvement, aspects of player experience can be used to adapt the games or generate content suited for each particular student, thus maximizing their experience and maintaining their interest as they play and learn. Our experience in the Siren project shows that in most game genres, it’s possible to estimate the students’ learning and player experience by taking into account their affective and game behavior, in association with their performance in the game. Using game logs and simple, non-intrusive sensors such as plain web cameras, we can detect user states such as boredom or fatigue, and identify content generation parameters that increase fun, while reducing the possibility of frustration or boredom.
Kostas Karpouzis,
Siren, http://sirenproject.eu/