Mathematical Creativity Squared (MC2)

Mathematical creativity is acknowledged as a backbone lifelong competence necessary to be fostered in all students. However, this is not an easy task to accomplish, due not only to a lack of appropriate technologies enabling the creative design of digital educational resources for creative mathematical thinking (CMT), but also to the absence of insightful methodologies to support creative design processes of this kind among professionals.

The Mathematical Creativity Squared (MC2) project aims to address this twofold problem in the following ways: (a) by designing and developing a new genre of technological environment for the design of CMT resources, ‘the c-book’ environment, and (b) by adopting and further developing a methodology based on the generation of Communities of Interest (CoI) as a social milieu which will facilitate the creative design of CMT resources in collectives of educational designers stemming from diverse professional and educational domains. Especially with regards to the latter, the rationale is that CoIs will support synergies among designers with a math education background with others carrying a more socially-relevant educational orientation, such as environmental educators and educators for sustainable development, both on epistemological and pedagogical level, with the aim that their ‘boundary crossing’ interactions will positively effect social creativity in the design process for digital resources for CMT. Several exemplary c-book units for enhancing mathematical creativity in students have been designed so far, among which some with an environmental and sustainability perspective, asking students to identify and deal with math concepts in real-life problems with the use of digital games and widget tools.Related: kopfbedeckungen bei chemotherapie, wyndham hotel, fresh meadows inmates, risk response strategies: mitigate, accept, avoid, or transfer, how to find base elevation of volcano, baltimore county assistant state’s attorney, grace eaton gordy, pierre torreton sculpteur, brandon edmonds babyface son, how to enter codes in world of warships: legends, road wars where are they now, first elevator in boston, final da taça dos campeões europeus 1986 87, gordon pinsent paintings, when will the frick mansion reopen, the black panthers: vanguard of the revolution transcript,Related: university of sharjah housing, rutgers application fee waiver, cahier de vacances st2s, barbie collaborations 2022, stevenage fc salaries, ailes de poulet cage aux sports cuisson, wooden oars canada, violence theme statements, como imprimir licenciamento 2022 debrecen, how to turn off audio monitoring in streamlabs obs, heartwell park baseball field map, northern secondary school gifted program, great valley football schedule 2021, wall street journal bozeman mt, bill burr podcast sponsor list,Related: reputable giant schnauzer breeders near jeddah, boston terrier puppies for sale shreveport, la, skye terrier chihuahua mix, san diego great dane rescue, royal canin poodle loaf, giant schnauzer lake charles, la, cavalier king charles spaniel mini, z giant poodle for sale near illinois, cairn terrier for sale edmonton, chihuahua 101 owners guide, teacup poodles for sale under $500 near me, miniature dachshund puppies for sale los angeles, chocolate poodle teacup, rough collie breeders in michigan, beagle wallpaper for walls,Related: , witt construction parade of homes, how old is richard rosenthal phil rosenthal’s brother, setting default information for a supplier under contacts, limitation and transcendence in philosophy, budders dispensary hogansburg ny, bolles swim camp 2022, eatingwell writer guidelines, surf soccer tournament 2022, donald lawrence wife, child abandonment laws in vt, famous canadian bank robbers, was james pendrick a real inventor, sartre paper knife, mcm for amorous adventures,Related: how to control mood swings during ovulation, country band looking for bass player, difference between male and female spotted dove, brandon regional hospital billing, c++ get type of variable at compile time, hilton corporate office phone number, british empire medal australian recipients, glioblastome derniers jours, trace adkins band members, pink diamond caterpillar, purslane spiritual uses, letchworth state park restaurant, insigne synonyme 8 lettres, horse and rabbit friendship compatibility, cayman national bank careers,Related: can dextromethorphan cause insomnia, ypsilanti michigan mayor, silhouette island trails, best all around sitka pattern, what is a cta abdomen with runoff, los temerarios where are they now, brian rooster” king wife, simon beaumont wife, tomb of the unknown soldier guard falls, alison dowling wiki, clan robertson culloden, thunderroad financial lawsuit, tree preservation order map cardiff, is national performance specialist legit, australian trans football player,Related: irene’s of newberry menu, mother daughter spa day orlando, fm22 women’s database, mayor lightfoot looks like beetlejuice, person struck by train nyc today, police dancing tiktok, nielsen’s frozen custard nutrition oxytrol, current ethical issues in the news 2022, trailers for rent in ellijay, ga, russell howard wife illness, city of binghamton planning department, trader joe’s chickenless tenders microwave, female country singer died of cancer, milk thistle and cymbalta, katya adler husband name,Related: denise nin cabrel thiu cabrel, hennepin county filing fees, waray tribe clothing, uniontown hospital medical records, can i eat eggplant that is green inside, west ashley accident today, louisiana downs replays, milwaukee circular saw spare parts, rob bell on baptism, montville, ct land records, harbor freight 10×10 portable shed instructions, westin buckhead room service menu, dialogflow weather webhook example, best algorithm for travelling salesman problem, royal caribbean health questionnaire 2022,Related: the tree of pain celtic symbol, will my eyebrows go back to normal after botox, rosemont middle school yearbook, jest: coverage 0, mason valley news obituaries, two family house for sale nassau county, seven deuce entertainment jeremy plager, ella beatty height, st charles workday login, john galliano shoes size guide, what is the symbol for microfarads on a multimeter, when will south carolina state employees get their bonus, rooftop snipers unblocked, zuriel demon, frisco isd middle school volleyball standings,