Monthly Archives: October 2015

A message from SimAULA

The transformation and modernization of the educational systems posed new challenges to teachers, who must renew and enrich their knowledge and skills in order to respond effectively to the increased requirements of their profession. It is of paramount importance that teacher preparation programs prepare future teachers to be scientifically qualified, innovative, and inventive, with excellent knowledge of their subject, equipped with all the modern methods and techniques and constantly updated about the latest developments.

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Serious games and creativity: a message from MAGELLAN

The European higher education landscape is undergoing significant change as a result of technology-driven innovations. Key to increasing the chances of students becoming more creative, developing mindsets for creativity as a skill is to demonstrate ways to teach creative thinking grounded in everyday settings. The application of engendering creative ideas is inextricably tied to lifewide creativity to describe the application of creative ideas to the breadth of interdisciplinary ideas contexts in everyday life.

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Our Story: digital story-making

The affordances of multimedia portable devices can fundamentally change the ways in which children read and write, perceive and experience stories and foster and conceive creativity. While some educators and scholars enthusiastically claim that children’s creativity can be motivated and enhanced through digital interactions, others struggle to find ways to incorporate digital resources into their regular classroom instruction. The latter is mostly due to an unprecedentedly dynamic and uncensored market for children’s digital resources, such as tablet and smartphone apps, with no official guidance for what constitutes an effective resource and quality interaction.

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