Designing Games for Creativity: from theory to praxis

We discuss the design process followed for the games developed under the C2Learn framework, focusing on the creative path from the different theories of creativity to a playable, entertaining and educationally effective game product. The process of brainstorming, prototyping, playtesting, and iteratively refining is vital for the creation of high-quality engaging games.

Using the Iconoscope and 4Scribes games as exemplars of such a process, we discuss the steps taken to ensure that the theoretical principles and desired educational outcomes were retained in the final games. Moreover, we discuss the prototypes and playtest principles used for identifying whether the core assumptions on gamemplay were valid, and to correct any weaknesses in future iterations. The prototyping, playtesting and iterative refinement with feedback from the different C2Learn experts was a core design methodology which aided the development of the final C2Learn games 4Scribes and Iconoscope.

Antonios Liapis

Institute of Digital Games, University of Malta